Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Demand for Return
Here is Max Abrahms' National Review story discussing the issue of palestinian refugees. Of course, this demand is about the most absurd of all the absurd palestinian demands. Besides the fact that it is an obvious attempt to destroy Israel, it is ludicrous to demand a palestinian state and at the same time expect that all of the citizens of said state are going to live somewhere else.

Since no Israeli would ever agree to such a suicidal provision, many were trumpeting the survey results of Khalil Shikaki that suggest palestinians don't actually hope to move to Israel. Here Abrahms writes that a fair reading of the results clearly shows that palestinians are still hoping for this impossible demand.

Indeed, Shikaki downplays a more noteworthy finding: According to his own data, 95 percent of Palestinian respondents agree with the statement that the "right of return" is a "sacred right that can never be given up." And, "when asked how the respondents feel about the proposal," half said that they are presently opposed to compromising with Israel on the refugee problem.

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