Wednesday, August 13, 2003

"Good Will" Gestures Backfire
This article in the Jerusalem Post (reg. req.) covers a whole lot of ground. Here are the lessons to be learned:

1. Rewarding terror ecourages more terror.
Last week's release of 334 Palestinian prisoners, which Israel billed as a generous goodwill gesture, is viewed with nothing less than derision... Since last Wednesday's release, the issue has only edged upward in importance among residents of the Gaza Strip.

2. Palestinians believe terror is the best way to achieve their aims.
Kidnapping [Israelis] is not new, he added, "but it will prove the most successful mode of negotiation."

3. Palestinians' goal is genocide.
"I believe a single idea, and that is that we cannot live side by side in one land. This land is Palestinian; the Jews will have to go away," he said.

4. Palestinians are not negotiating in good faith.
They also put little value in the affidavit disavowing terrorism and incitement that the prisoners had to sign to gain their release. [...] "We don't really respect the paper that the affidavits are written on," Sumeri said.

That's a whole lot packed into one little news article.
BTW, I found this article through Little Green Footballs.

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