Friday, August 22, 2003

Not Voting for Gephardt
The WaPo has an article detailing Dick Gephardt's agenda. He's worse than FDR.

A Gephardt administration would impose higher taxes on individuals, restrict foreign trade and pick up a huge chunk of the nation's soaring health care tab.
Strike One!

Gephardt talks proudly of repealing tax cuts, slapping restrictions on foreign trade and providing universal health coverage.
Strike Two!

Gephardt has cosponsored legislation that relies solely on the federal government to provide the prescription drug benefit at nearly twice the cost of the Bush plan.
Yer Outta Here!

Then Gephardt has this flat out bizzare line at the end of the article.
Gephardt said the key to making all of this work is generating the kind of economic growth Clinton did in the 1990s. The country needs to "put together a series of actions that all together allow the American people -- because they do it -- [to] create real economic growth at a brisk rate. If you can achieve this, and that's the goal of all of this -- to get the economy to expand . . . you will solve your deficit problems and be able to afford these kinds of programs."

While the bit about "allow the American people to ... create real economic growth" sounds good, it is clear that he has no idea what that actually means. The idea that economic growth solves economic problems is spot on, but he seems to think that you "allow" Americans to work by yoking them with $3 trillion in taxes. And since this estimate comes from the Gephardt campaign, I would bet dollars to donuts that it is an underestimate. What the heck are these "series of actions?"

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