Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Road Map Broken
Here is an older piece, also by Max Abrahms, originally in the LA Times, discussing why the "Road Map" is doomed.

There is something intellectually dishonest about a "peace process" that tacitly promises mutually exclusive demands to the Israelis and Palestinians by papering over their differences until they inevitably collide. In the parlance of diplomacy, this is called "creative ambiguity." It formed the basis of the failed Oslo accords in the 1990s, and it will surely spell the demise of the current "road map" for peace.

As I just posted, Israel will never agree to allow palestinians back, but Arab leaders have spent the last few days claiming that this is required by the road map. How could this be? The road map merely requires a "just" solution to the issue of refugees. Even reasonable people could disagree on the meaning of "just." And we aren't talking about reasonable people here. Abrahms is looking pretty smart now.

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