Sunday, September 07, 2003

E.U. About Face
I would have posted this earlier, but I couldn't log onto Blogger for a while there. I recently posted that France refused to consider Hamas a terrorist organization, but now EU Nations Agree to Freeze Hamas Assets.

The European Union will declare all wings of the militant Palestinian group Hamas a terrorist organization and freeze its assets after dozens of deadly attacks in Israel, the bloc's foreign ministers said Saturday. [...]
France long opposed a tougher stance on Hamas, saying it was wary of cutting off avenues of negotiation with Palestinians and hurting the group's social services for Palestinians. Enforcement of an assets freeze or a ban on suspected Hamas offshoots would be a "voluntary" decision for individual EU nations, de Villepin said. [...]
One of the five European-based organizations that had its assets frozen by Washington was the Paris-based Committee for Charity and Aid for the Palestinians. De Villepin has said French investigators found nothing wrong with the group's work.

France found nothing is wrong with the group's work because their work is destroying Israel, and France has no problem with that.

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