Sunday, September 28, 2003

For the Last Time: Don't Reward Terror!
Here is an extremely important view from inside the "lion's den." David Ignatius attended a Hezbollah conference and reports on what he saw. What he learned is that Hezbollah believes that it is winning its war against Israel. To anyone who thinks an Israeli withdrawal from the disputed territories will reduce the incentives for terrorism, read this:

A brochure prepared in English and Arabic for the Beirut conference outlined why Hezbollah regards these bombings as a route to victory. The group argues that "the first harsh defeat" for Israel came in May 2000 when it withdrew its forces unilaterally from southern Lebanon after several years of Hezbollah suicide attacks on Israeli soldiers there.

They believe that terror attacks against Israelis caused Israel to withdraw from Lebanon, so in response they have increased terror attacks. If Israel makes any more concessions, especially territorial concessions, it will be a reason to further increase their attacks. Unfortunately lots of people still don't get this:

This stark assessment makes clear that suicide bombings are part of a very deliberate strategy. They aren't driven by poverty, neglect, irrational fanaticism or the other factors Westerners often cite. They are motivated by a belief that killing Israelis will bring military victory.

These aren't some oppressed people fighting a romantic cause for freedom; they are calculating murderers. This should be obvious to anyone, but unfortunately too many people are getting their news from Arab stations.

Many of the Arab media delegates said they have, as one speaker put it, a "patriotic and national duty to support the Palestinian resistance." That certainly is the view of Hezbollah's television station, Al Manar, which organized the meeting.

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