Monday, September 15, 2003

Frum Hits the Nail on the Head
Over at NRO, David Frum really rips into the palestinians with gusto.

Arafat and the Palestinians have chosen war. They must therefore have war until they are sick of it, war until they decide that even a disappointing (from their point of view) peace with Israel is better than one more day of fighting. Three years of advice to Israel to show restraint, to use less than its full power against its murderous enemy, has not restored the laughably misnamed “peace process.” Restraint has prolonged and exacerbated the war, at terrible cost to both sides.

That's what I've been saying. This is a war, and it needs to be won. First, from Israel's pint of view, it is the most practical way of ending the violence. Second, from a moral point of view, genocidal tyrants need to be forcibly terminated, not coddled. Frum also offers some concrete policy advice:

Israel should invade the West Bank and Gaza, extinguish all Palestinian political authority, round up and detain as many Palestinian leaders as it can catch, put them on trial for war crimes, and reassert its pre-1993 status as the occupying power in all of the West Bank and Gaza. Independence for a Palestinian state should come as a concession from the conquerer.

It is rude, and probably illegal, for me to just reprint his whole article, but my mouse finger is absolutely trembling from the effort of not posting the whole thing. For all the good bits I included, I left out a bunch of good stuff. So go read it.

Note: I spotted this at Hoystory.

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