Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Road Map Reaches its Logical Conclusion
We have mayhem in the Middle East now. Yesterday there were two terrorist attacks in Israel. The estimated deaths in that story are too low though. The actual number is 15. It's no surprise that today Hamas claimed responsibility for the two attacks, which killed 15 people. Israel then launched an attack against Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar. Unfortunately, they missed him, but they did kill his son and a bodyguard. Hamas now says they will intensify their campaign and destory Israeli high rises, although I would be surprised if they are able.

I'm dissapointed in Israel's new "all out war." So far, 37 Israelis have been killed in three strikes, while Israel has killed 14 terrorists. If this is an all out war, Israel is losing all the battles. Depite the tough talk, Israel does not really seem to be that serious. For example, after Israel tried to kill Zahar the AP reported "Three bodyguards stood watch at the intensive care ward in Gaza City's Shifa Hospital where he was being treated. His wounds — on his hand, head, leg and back — were largely minor." Where the hell is the IDF? Why is this joker giving interviews instead of rotting in prison? My second example is this report from Sep 7. The IDF told reporters that Sheikh Ahmed Yassin survived a bombing because the bomb was too small. How is this "all out war?"

The sources told Israeli journalists at a briefing Israel had decided on a 750-pound, electronically-guided bomb, not a one-ton bomb such as that which killed the commander of Hamas's armed wing in the same district last year.
The 1,000 kg bomb also razed several blocks of flats, killing 15 civilians and wounding scores.
"This tactic is aimed at minimizing the number of innocent casualties, but as we have seen in some recent helicopter strikes, such restraint backfired in that Yassin and the others got away," said a senior Israeli security source, who declined to be identified.

Israel needs to start sweeping for weapons. Anyone with a weapon should be jailed and anyone resisting should be shot. Killing 14 terrorists won't get them anywhere.

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