Friday, September 05, 2003

Simpson on Gays
Former Senator Alan Simpson has a fantastic essay on homosexuality in the WaPo today. He really hits all the important points. Here is the most moral and human part:

As our country has gained honest and steady knowledge about homosexuality, we have learned that it is not a mental illness or a disease or a threat to our families. The real threats to family values are divorce, out-of-wedlock births and infidelity. We all know someone who is gay, and like all of us, gay men and women need to have their relationships recognized in some way. How are gay men and women to be expected to build stable, loving relationships as all of us try to do, when American society refuses to recognize the relationships?

And here is the practical and "conservative" part (really it is a libertarian position):

As someone who is basically a conservative, I see not an argument about banning marriage or "defending" families but rather a power grab. Conservatives argue vehemently about federal usurpation of other issues best left to the states, such as abortion or gun control. Why would they elevate this one to the federal level?

What's more, it is surely not the tradition in this country to try to amend the Constitution in ways that constrict liberty. All of our amendments have been designed to expand the sphere of freedom, with one notorious exception: prohibition. We all know how that absurd federal power grab turned out.

Oh, that is good. I'm glad the Post printed this and I am really glad a Republican finally said this. Most politicians are noisily taking "pro-marriage" positions and sounding like fools. I'm not going to comment anymore because really the essay is quite good on its own.

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