Monday, September 22, 2003

WaPo Wants to Raise Taxes
The Washington Post editors now claim that "The sound approach, once the economy has recovered, would be to raise taxes." They also call for a freeze in spending.

Here is the crux of their crappy argument: Taxes were higher in 1979.

Actually, it is the entirety of their argument. Here it is with more words, but no additional sense:
One way to look at the issue is to consider whether Americans -- as a whole or in the middle class in particular -- were overtaxed when Mr. Bush took office. The answer, at least by historical standards, is no. A new study by the Congressional Budget Office of effective tax rates from 1979 through 2000 found that the percentage of their overall income Americans paid in federal taxes, directly and indirectly, remained relatively flat during that period.

So? Is it 1979? Were taxes at an optimum level in 1979? Was 1979 a gold-star year in American history? Will they deign to explain why they picked that year?

Here is my counter argument: Taxes were lower in 1776. QED.

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