Sunday, October 26, 2003

Arabs Celebrate Holocaust; Anglicans On Board
The Asswipe of Caterbury recently shared his divine insight that terrorists can "have serious moral goals" and cautioning America's sin is that it "loses the power of self-criticism and becomes trapped in a self-referential morality." I'd appreciate it if he could help me identify the "serious moral goals" being expressed by these Arab visitors to a Holocaust Museum in Slovakia. Via IMRA and LGF, here are comments left in the guest book:

1. This exhibit testifies to the quality of organization and handling [of
the mission]. From a historical perspective, what Hitler did to the Jews is
exactly what they deserve. Still, we would have wished that he could have
finished incinerating all the Jews in the world, but time ran out on him and
therefore Allah's curse be on him and on them.
(-) Khaled al-Zahraya from Saudi Arabia, 07.09.03

2. This is a museum showing a restaurant [specializing in] Jewish meat,
which is what they deserve. Sons of apes and pigs.
The day after the attempt to murder Ahmad Yasin.
'Umar al-Da'm, Yemen 07.09.03

3. Ibrahim al-'Arimi, Sultanate of Oman
The most beautiful sights of Jews.
(-) 07. 09.03

4. I say what they all say, and will just add that they [Jews] are cursed in
this world and the next. Madih, Yemen. 07.09.2003

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