Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Don't Tease Me!
If this is true, I will be so, so, so happy. The JPost is reporting that Arafat is very ill. This is the best news.

But another senior official said Arafat's health has rapidly deteriorated over the past two weeks. "I don't think it's the flu as some people say," he said. "The president hasn't been feeling well for some time and his health seems to be worsening."
Palestinians said they have never before seen Arafat in such a condition.
[A] journalist in Ramallah quoted a senior PA official as saying that "Arafat's days are numbered."
On Monday evening, journalists and visitors were barred from entering Arafat's compound. The decision only added to the growing speculation about Arafat's health.

Of course, the PA is denying it is serious, but I'm hoping.

Note: I first spotted this at Yourish.

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