Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Moderate Islam?
Via Opinion Journal, the AP report on political protests in Saudi Arabia described the the protestors as follows:

Tuesday's protest appeared to be in response to repeated calls for political and economic reforms by the London-based Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia.
The group, founded in 1996, is one of the better known dissident groups, bringing together a number of Saudi intellectuals to support a more liberal, moderate system of government.

But James Taranto has found a MIRA website that includes this gem:
To our knowledge, America still considers dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan a morally justifiable action and refuses to apologise for it. You well know the two nuclear bombs were not aimed at military or strategic installations, but were intended to kill civilians. That act was not meant to deter an attack or to level the field in the face of Japan’s advantage in battle. Japan was attacked with nuclear weapons while its armies were retreating. If America considers nuclear attacks against civilians, merely to hasten an inevitable defeat of an opponent, then how could you consider the strikes against the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon unjustifiable? If you claim that you do not condone America’s nuclear attacks, then you should consider her act as more morally repellent than that of those who attacked New York. Accordingly the strikes against America is as legitimate as the way her war against those who attacked her is justifiable.

It seems that every time the media or politicians put forward a "moderate" Islamic group to prove that the radicals are a minority, this crap happens. You just scratch the surface and something vile oozes out. Where are the real moderate Muslims? Beuller? Beuller?

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