Thursday, October 23, 2003

Moderate Muslims? Bueller?
At The Best of the Web, there are a couple reports with quotes from politically active Arab-Americans. Not too encouraging.

"Go home to Tel Aviv," one woman called in disgust as Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, cast Israelis as victims of Palestinian terrorism. . . .

"He makes me so mad," said Hanan Rasheed, a Palestinian activist from Danville, Calif. During Lieberman's speech, she derided him under her breath, at one point muttering: "He is such a Jew." Later, she said: "He's running for the wrong office. He should be running for the prime minister of Israel." . . .

Samear Zaitoon of Baton Rouge, La., a civilian translator of Arabic for the Department of Defense who just returned from six months of service in the Middle East, [said] "You don't know about Americans of the Jewish faith having two passports?" Mr. Zaitoon asked. [...]
A quick check of the Internet turns up a letter to the editor from a Samear Zaitoon of Baton Rouge, La., asserting that "the Zionists--Jewish and their misguided so-called 'Protestant Christian' supporters (who are really Jews in church pews)--have succeeded in hijacking not only Palestine but also America. . . . Jewish Zionist terrorists have hijacked two whole countries!"

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