Thursday, October 23, 2003

North Korea IS Evil
Here is the most important story of the day. You tools at CPUSA and ISO need to read to read the new report from the US Committee for Human Rights in North Korea. This is what your comrades do:

Arrested for singing a South Korean song, Ji was taken first to the People's Safety Agency jail... During her pre-trial detention, she was beaten and sexually abused by a detention-facility guard. [...] She was sentenced to three years of rehabilitation-through-labor. [...] While in this bo-wi-bu jail, she was beaten with broom sticks, forced to kneel for hours at a time, and made to do the "stand-up-sit-down" exercise to the point of collapse, usually after thirty or forty minutes.

The researcher asked Ji if she ever sang the song, "Don't Cry for Me, Hongdo" [in South Korea]. Straight away she replied, "Yes, and now without fear."

All for singing a song. And this goes on for over 100 pages.

And yet writers, academics, and entertainers want to compare Bush to Hitler. Show me the American who was arrested for singing a song and then get back to me.

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