Monday, November 10, 2003

AP, AFP, Reuters give Arafat a Pass
I searched Yahoo News for: "60 minutes" arafat
and I got nine hits. The only major US paper, was the Chicago-Sun Times.

I tried including the reporter in my search: Stahl Arafat
and I got three hits, including the Scotsman Online.

A search for: Arafat corruption
got 292 hits, but I only noticed two that were about this story. One from the Charlotte Observer and one from the Seattle P-I.

The I tried: Arafat IMF $900
and I got 17 web news stories from various newspapers.

On the other hand, if you search for : Israel fence
you get 2216 News Story matches (instead of web matches) and 17 of the first 20 are from the big three. I think it is fair to say that they think this is not news. Can you imagine if Ariel Sharon stole $1B?

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