Thursday, November 20, 2003

A huge part of the problem with news coverage is that the expectations are unreasonable. This seems to be the norm for most of the left. If some people in the US go without, then this must mean the US is a failure, there are evil conspiracies to impoverish the masses, etc. Keeping some perspective reveals that while things aren't perfect, they could be a whole lot worse. For example, the CounterRevolutionary has been collecting stories on the US occupation after WWII. Now we remember the Marshall plan as a giant success and my grandparents are (rightly) remembered as the "greatest generation." But how was it reported at the time? Here are some headlines I've lifted from the CR.

Germans Declare Americans Hated -- NYT 12/3/45
Loss of Victory in Germany Through US Policy Feared -- NYT 11/18/45
Americans Leave Dislike in France -- NYT 11/12/45
Germans Reveal Hate of Americans -- NYT 10/31/45
Americans' Clashes with Germans Grow -- NYT 10/10/45
Reich Girls Want Return of Nazism -- NYT 10/22/45
We Can Lose the Peace -- NYT 9/25/45
Germans Declared Far Behind on Bomb -- NYT 12/7/45

See, I guess FDR "lied."

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