Thursday, November 20, 2003

Iraqi's Angry at Negative TV Coverage
It's the third item in this MRC report. A lot of Bush supporters think that the press is presenting a misleadingly negative view of the situation in Iraq, focusing on setbacks and ignoring the amazing progress we've made. Apparently the Iraqis agree.

We’ve been invited here by the ayatollah. Why? He is furious at the press coverage. He says not only American television, but Arabic satellite TV, such as Al-Jazeera and the Abu Dhabi station, have misportrayed the great success that is Iraq after the fall of Saddam Hussein. The people of Khadamiya tell us that the picture painted by Al-Jazeera and other Arab satellite stations is a bleak one of daily death and destruction.

“Khadamiya’s leaders are so eager to show Iraq’s real story that the ayatollah himself sends his top lieutenant with us, Haji Ali. He acts as our guide, showing us a city of thriving outdoor markets, mosques and schools. In Khadamiya’s main shopping district, business is booming, from sidewalk vendors and vegetable stands, to gold merchants. On the streets, the U.S. Army patrols side by side with Iraqi soldiers, dismounted and at ease. At Khadamiya’s central mosque, pilgrims come from all over Iraq, Iran, even Afghanistan, eager to enjoy the religious freedom they were denied for decades. Khadamiya’s schools are in session, filled with happy children.

“15-year-old Daham says TV news reports he watches don’t tell the truth.”
Daham: “A lot happens good in Iraq when Saddam gone.”

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