Monday, November 03, 2003

Senator Graham Retires
That makes four southern democrats who are retiring. The others are Edwards (NC) Miller (GA) Hollings (SC). I expect all those seats are vulnerable to a Republican takeover, which would solidify their hold on the Senate.

Even if the Repubs do win a couple of these seats, though, it will not be a seismic shift in the Senate. I mean, Zel Miller is no Ted Kennedy and today he endorsed George Bush in 2004.

I will vote for George W. Bush for president. I have come to believe that George Bush is the right man in the right place at the right time. ... [T]his was the easiest decision I think I've ever made in deciding who to support. [Wow. --ed.]
I find it hard to believe, but these naive nine have managed to combine the worst feature of the McGovern campaign--the president is a liar and we must have peace at any cost--with the worst feature of the Mondale campaign--watch your wallet, we're going to raise your taxes. George McGovern carried one state in 1972. Walter Mondale carried one state in 1984. Not exactly role models when it comes to how to get elected or, for that matter, how to run a country.

If he votes for war, tax cuts, and George Bush, it is not like a Republican replacement is going to be radically different.

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