Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Thanks Steyn!
I didn't actually write anything that great, but Mark Steyn put one of my comments on his website. He wrote a great article about the Sudanese penis panic, (which I had already posted on earlier) but he omitted the single most paranoid part of the story. I pointed it out and he posted my e-mail. Here it is:

I love your work, but I was a little confused by your latest article about the Sudanese penis caper. In it, you wrote "they'll probably figure out a way to pin the disappearing penises on some or other agent of Zionism." However, the MEMRI article that you reference makes it clear that they have already figured out who the "real" culprits are. From MEMRI:

Ja'far Abbas, a Sudanese columnist living abroad, expounded further on the matter in two articles, one in the Saudi daily Al-Watan. In his Al-Watan article, Abbas wrote: ... "That man, who, as it is claimed, is from West Africa, is an imperialist Zionist agent that was sent to prevent our people from procreating and multiplying…"

I think you have underestimated Muslim intellectuals. They can sniff out a Zionist plot much more quickly than you give them credit for.

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