Monday, November 17, 2003

Time Magazine: US Soldier = Terrorist
In an insulting piece titled, "The Insurgent and the Soldier," Time Magazine tries to show the similarities between a US soldier and a terrorist.

The two men -- an Iraqi insurgent and an American soldier -- have more in common than one might expect. Both are fathers who care deeply about their children and their country. Both see their jobs as their duty. Both pray each time they head out on a new mission.

Wow! That's amazing! Next, they will tell us that they both eat food and breath air. Who would have guessed that two grown men might have families? Geez, I guess George Bush and Osama bin Laden are practically brothers! Same for Slobodan Milosevic and Abraham Lincoln. Or any other two people.

How freaking USELESS can 48 words get? Could there be any other differences between the two? Like maybe one is building democracy and saving lives while the other is murdering people in an effort to destroy freedom? But none of that is important to Time. According to Time, they are all the same. I guess there are no issues in this war; it is just a giant misunderstanding. Here's a big "up yours" to Time.

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