Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Women in Islam I
The Zina Ordinance is part of Islamic law (I believe this is not part of Sharia, I think) that holds that rape is fornication and therefore both parties are in the wrong. Furthermore, the traditional application disallows the woman's testimony unless she has four male witnesses to confirm her account. Doesn't quite seem fair does it?

Well, according to this report, up to 88% of women in jail in Pakistan are there for sexual immorality, including being raped! Why am I not sympathetic to palestinian arabs? I think too many people don't understand how little common ground we have.

As many as 88 per cent of women prisoners in the country are languishing in jails as a result of ambiguities in the Zina Ordinance. [...]
Short of conviction, women have been held for extended periods of time on charges of Zina after they reported rape. "Therefore, majority of the women in jails are there due to the Zina Ordinance." [...]
"There have been hundreds of incidents where a woman subjected to rape or even gang-rape was eventually accused of Zina and subjected to wrong and unjust persecution and great ordeal."

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