Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Young Voters for Bush
A little more on young voters and Bush. Andrew Sullivan thinks this is a major trend and he identifies 9/11 as a major catalyst. I think he's right.

He also writes that this Gallup poll is additional evidence. I don't see it. I certainly don't see any "South Park Republicans" here. The younger people were marginally more liberal on social issues (27%-24%) but significantly more liberal on economic issues (24% to 12%). That's the opposite of an SPR. Also, while the young respondents identify themselves as more Republican than Democrat (+6%) older folks were +7% Repubican.
This smells fishy to me. This Harris poll shows that Dems have outnumbered Repubicans for 34 straight years, although the difference has declined to 3%. This NES poll shows that Dems have had the lead for 51 straight years, with a lead of 6%. How did Gallup get a 6 point lead for Republicans? I think the Washington Post poll is more trustworthy and more illuminating.

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