Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Catholic Church Misplaces Compassion
Try looking for it in the pedophile wing of Sing Sing. But seriously, they feel bad for Saddam?! This is absurd. Saddam kills a few hundred thou' and it is business as usual, but he US delouses one dictator, and now we are the bad guys. According to the pious wing of NAMBLA.

Cardinal Renato Martino, head of the Vatican's Justice and Peace department and a former papal envoy to the United Nations (news - web sites), told a news conference ... "I felt pity to see this man destroyed, (the military) looking at his teeth as if he were a cow. They could have spared us these pictures," he said. "Seeing him like this, a man in his tragedy, despite all the heavy blame he bears, I had a sense of compassion for him," he said in answer to questions about Saddam's arrest.

Tim Blair has a good post and his readers have contributed some really good comments too.

What are these Vatican people up to?? There has to be a hidden agenda here...I just can't spot it. Trying to make up for a history of brutality and torture and repression by showing compassion for...brutal, repressive torturers? Or is this one bunch of former butchers standing up for a gang of butchers who just got caught? Vatican bumper sticker: "Saddam: not evil, just misunderstood"?? What's next, another auto de fe? "The Inquisition: a great way to test your neighbor's faith"?? "Who in the next pew is really a Jew?" Yikes...!! I thought we took care of all this a few centuries ago! Somebody explain it to me, please.... posted by Lawrence Barnes

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