Thursday, December 18, 2003

I Hate ElBaradei
Mostly because the Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency hates Israel. ElBaradei loves to indulge Iran, saying there is no "evidence" of a nuclear program, when what he means is there is no conclusive proof. And even after Iran admits to lying for 18 years, he continues to give them the benefit of the doubt. And the fact that Iran has declared its goal of using nukes against Israel, he is blase, confident there is no rush in his search of Iran. Now, ElBaradei has explained why Iran deserves to be left alone:

"You are saying it is 'assumed,' but we do not work on the basis of assumptions. We work on the basis of facts, witnesses, and records. We do not take a leap of faith and jump to conclusions. Their activities could have been used for nuclear weapons, but could easily have been used for civilian purposes, as well. Unless we see direct evidence that there is work and activities on nuclear weapons - and we haven't seen any of that - we do not jump to conclusions."

Yet in the same interview, he says:

ElBaradei said he cannot confirm independently that Israel has nuclear arms, but that “we work on the assumption that Israel has nuclear capability.”

Double standards, anyone?

Via: LGF

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