Saturday, December 06, 2003

Lieberman Off Track
Is he serious? Does Lieberman really think he can distinguish himself in a crowded field by talking about junk food? Is his campaign unaware of any more pressing issues? But here is Joe's new policy proposal:

—Require junk food advertisements to include nutritional information that somehow issues a warning to parents, much like movie ads are accompanied by parental ratings.
—Ask Congress to require restaurant chains to include nutritional information on menus and mini-boards. There already is a bill pending in Congress to do this.
—Empower the Agriculture Department to set standards for food sold in schools, primarily vending machines. The USDA currently regulates lunch menus, but there are no limits on what companies can sell kids through vending machines.

I wouldn't allow my own mother to have this much control over what I eat. How infantalizing. As a mostly-libertarian, I have to give this a huge thumbs-down.

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