Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Media Awards
Yes, it's that time of year again, when we look back on the year that was and remember the high-lights and some low-lights. Andrew Sullivan, Media Research Center, and Honest Reporting have all handed out awards for the worst journalism of the year. Congratulations to all the winners! There are some real doozies in here, but I will present just a tiny sampling.

VON HOFFMAN AWARD WINNER 2003 (for egregiously bad predictions): "In Baghdad the coalition forces confront a city apparently determined on resistance. They should remember Napoleon in Moscow, Hitler in Stalingrad, the Americans in Mogadishu and the Russians at Grozny. Hostile cities have ways of making life ghastly for aggressors. They are not like countryside. They seldom capitulate, least of all when their backs are to the wall. It took two years after the American withdrawal from Vietnam for Saigon to fall to the Vietcong. Kabul was ceded to the warlords only when the Taleban drove out of town. In the desert, armies fight armies. In cities, armies fight cities. The Iraqis were not stupid. They listened to Western strategists musing about how a desert battle would be a pushover. Things would get 'difficult' only if Saddam played the cad and drew the Americans into Baghdad. Why should he do otherwise?" - Simon Jenkins, the Times of London, in an article called - yes! - "Baghdad Will Be Near Impossible to Conquer," March 28.

“This is the worst President ever. He [George W. Bush] is the worst President in all of American history.”
– Hearst White House columnist Helen Thomas at a Society for Professional Journalism banquet

Diane Sawyer: “I read this morning that he’s [Saddam Hussein] also said the love that the Iraqis have for him is so much greater than anything Americans feel for their President because he’s been loved for 35 years, he says, the whole 35 years.”
Dan Harris in Baghdad: “He is one to point out quite frequently that he is part of a historical trend in this country of restoring Iraq to its greatness, its historical greatness. He points out frequently that he was elected with a hundred percent margin recently.”
– ABC’s Good Morning America, March 7.

Honest Reporting:
The launch of Ramon's space flight had virtually erased news of the country's woes, spreading space fever among Israelis embittered by a Palestinian uprising for statehood, a scandal-plagued national election and a domestic recession. (Feb. 2)

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