Sunday, January 18, 2004

History of US and Saddam
Here is a quick primer on the history of relations between the US and Saddam. You certainly here complaints that the US armed and funded Saddam and therefore we are to blame for all his crimes. Furthermore, this means that we have no standing to criticize or remove him. Of course, if did create him, this would mean we have a special responsibility to undo the damage.

The truth is we did have an alliance of convenience with Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war, but that hardly constitutes an endorsement. We simply had to choose the lesser of two evils. NOT aiding Saddam at that time would have had consequences as well. Darren Kaplan writes about this cooperation, as well as Saddam's relationships with other countries. His conclusion: the claim that the US created Saddam is a myth.

Particularly interesting is his link that shows that the "principled opposition" [ha!] to invading Iraq, Russia, China, and France, supplied 82% of Iraq's conventional weapons, while the "war profiteers" USA and UK, supplied 1%. Great work Darren!

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