Thursday, January 15, 2004

Weasel-peans Worse Than I Thought
I always knew Europeans hate Israel, but I was still surprised to learn this from Victor Davis Hanson. I have read a decent amount about the Arab-Israeli conflict so as to better understand the situation, but I had never before heard how far the Europeans were willing to go to 1) screw Israel and 2) abet Communists. Here is how low they are:

Thirty years ago, during the Yom Kippur War of October 1973, most of the Europeans of the NATO alliance refused over-flight rights to the United States. We had only hours in which to aid Israel from a multifaceted surprise attack and were desperately ferrying tons of supplies to save it from literal extinction. In contrast, many of these same allies allowed the Soviet Union — the supposed common enemy from which thousands of Americans were based in Europe to protect Europeans — to fly over NATO airspace to ensure the Syrians sufficient material to launch and sustain their surprise attack on the Golan. ... How odd that nations who asked for our protection from the Soviets would allow them to fly in supplies to the Syrian dictatorship, but not extend the same privilege of airspace to their protectors to save a democracy.

Just disgusting. Ingrates.

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