Thursday, March 25, 2004

College Hate Crimes
I find it hard to believe that college campuses, of all places, are hotbeds of the most retrogressive racial animus that everyone needs "sensitivity training" to try to tamp down the prevalent racist "atmosphere" that makes basic life almost unbearable for minorities. It just doesn't ring true.

When a Professor at Claremont McKenna college made that accusation, well it turned out that it wasn't true. Professor Kerri Dunn reported that her car was vandalized on campus. The windows were broken, the tires were slashed, and the body of the vehicle was spray painted with "various racial, religious, and gender-based epithets." To campus administrators, this was easy to believe. They immediately canceled classes, scheduled rallies, set up a new committee on diversity, and offered a ten thousand dollar reward. I absolutely think a charge like this should be investigated, but I do find this a bit hasty and extreme. Furthermore, from this point, it just goes downhill.

Two witnesses came forward and reported that they saw Dunn vandalize her own car! But this turn of events did not prompt the college to set up a Committee on Suspicion, Gullibility, Cults of Victimhood, and Faculty Dishonesty. Instead, everyone carried on as if the attack really happened.

Above all, we must focus on this: even if the vandalized car and slogans were a hoax, our responses last week were right and appropriate -- in our community meeting March 10 in Balch Auditorium and in our strong participation in the evening rally at CMC with all The Claremont Colleges.

However painful and confusing this latest development is, we cannot forget the reasons we were outraged in the first place; we cannot avoid the challenges that hatred poses to our community, to our country. We will continue to work to make our campuses welcoming, open, diverse, and productive so that all of us can freely teach and learn to the best of our abilities.

See, the attack, while technically not true, does illustrate a LARGER "TRUTH" which shows that there is rampant racism on campus. Which there isn't. It's like a religion for these people. Unfalsifiable.

The most complete summary you can possibly get is at John Rosenberg's site.

By the way, what are the odds that this was a mathematics professor? 0%? My guess is Sociology, Philosophy, or Women's Studies. Let's see.... Ah, she is a professor of "Social Psychology" so I was a little off.

Extra link here: Rosenberg pointed out a good John Leo article with a lot more examples.

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