Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Fences, Fences, Fences
Obviously I already knew that criticizing Israel for using a fence to save lives, while palistinians use children to murder other children is both reprehensible and standard operating procedure for the "international community." However, this NR article contains a good discussion of security fences that includes information I had not see before.

For instance, nary a word has been uttered by the General Assembly about the security barrier being built by Saudi Arabia along its southern border with Yemen.

The U.N. has also been mum about a razor-wire border fence — funded in part by the European Union — built between the Spanish enclave of Ceuta and neighboring Morocco in 2000.

As for the U.N., it still hasn't publicly rebuked India, which has begun construction on two security fences — one along its border with the disputed territory of Kashmir and the other along its boundary with Bangladesh — in order to stem the flow of Islamic militants into Indian territory.

In addition, the U.N. has yet to issue a response to Thailand, which recently announced that it is building a security fence along its border with Malaysia to block raids by Islamic militants.

Even Botswana and Uzbekistan have erected fences along their borders with, respectively, Zimbabwe and Kyrgyzstan.

Could the U.N.'s singling out of Israel have something to do with its historic hostility towards the Jewish state, exemplified by the more than 400 resolutions the U.N. General Assembly has passed against Israel since 1964?

Think the security fence is counter-productive?

The March 14 suicide bombing in the Israeli port of Ashdod marked just the first time in the past three and a half years that terrorists were able to cross into Israel from Gaza and carry out a successful attack.

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