Thursday, March 25, 2004

Who Dropped the Ball Before 9/11?
Well, a lot of people, obviously. But some of the criticism seems entirely unrealistic outside the context of hindsight. Glenn actually types a bit instead of just linking, and puts down some good stuff.

And the big question is, what would today's critics have had Bush do back then? What if Bush had invaded Afghanistan in February of 2001, going after Bin Laden in a serious way? He would have gotten the same kind of criticism he's getting now -- from many of the same people who are accusing him of not being preemptive enough against Bin Laden -- for going after Saddam. And such an attack probably wouldn't have stopped the 9/11 attacks, which were outside-Afghanistan efforts. And if the 9/11 attacks had happened anyway, those people would be blaming Bush's targeting of Bin Laden for "triggering" the 9/11 attacks.

Glenn does a good job illustrating of how people can twist and adjust their arguments to reach the desired conclusion, even as the facts change completely. It's a good warning to read other people carefully and also a reminder that one shouldn't be so lazy and righteous to commit this sin oneself. I think the key is consistency. You can logically argue that the possibility that Ashcroft could subpoena library records at some point is a major threat to civil liberties. But you had better not try to defend Castro's actual practice of jailing librarians for being subversives. If so, you are nothing but a partisan hack.

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