Monday, April 12, 2004

This story of profligacy and greed just makes me want to scream. Rep. Don Young (R-AK) wants to spend billions of tax dollars on useless highway projects, basically just because he can. "This is the time to take advantage of the position I'm in," he says. His attitude towards our money is disgusting. He feels entitled to confiscate whatever he can and screw America. I'm not sure if his honesty makes it better or worse: "It's not a good way to legislate, although I got a lot of stuff in it," Mr. Young told The Anchorage Daily News in December. "I mean I stuffed it like a turkey." And of course, as always, this means even more taxes for the rest of us. "He said he would support an increase in the federal tax on gasoline — a 'user fee,' he called it — to pay for even more projects than were included in the newly passed bill."

Here is Mr. Young's excuse to rob you blind:

One [bridge] here in Ketchikan, would be among the biggest in the United States: a mile long, with a top clearance of 200 feet from the water -- 80 feet higher than the Brooklyn Bridge and just 20 feet short of the Golden Gate Bridge. It would connect this economically depressed, rain-soaked town of 7,845 people to an island that has about 50 residents and the area's airport, which offers six flights a day (a few more in summer). It could cost about $200 million.

The other bridge would span an inlet for nearly two miles to tie Anchorage to a port that has a single regular tenant and almost no homes or businesses. It would cost up to $2 billion.

This really counts as treason.

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