Saturday, May 08, 2004

Apology Accepted?
Yesterday I was agreeing with Alahpundit that while Bush's recent apology was good, excessive groveling would be counterproductive, not a policy breakthrough as Tom Fiedman seems to think. Well, Iowahawk has a report that perhaps proved me wrong. Bush Apology Sparks Torrent of Global Goodwill

Typical of the responses was a personal note from Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad, who wrote "aww, dude, you know I can't stay mad at you," saying that the apology had prompted him to immediately dismantle his country's secret nuclear weapons program.
"I used to dream about dying in a glorious fireball of martyrdom," said Ali Ahmed Amoud, 23, a marcher in the first annual Infidel Appreciation Days parade in Nablus. "But that apology was so nice and sincere, it just seems kind of petty to keep nursing a grudge."
Domestic reaction was generally favorable, led by Congressional Democrats who drafted a resolution prasing the President's "bold, thoughtful groveling for world peace," and calling on Bush to "stop beating yourself up." Progressive websites such as DemocraticUnderground, Daily Kos and BartCop urged readers to "forgive, forget, and send a nice thank you card to the White House."

What do you mean "that was a joke"?

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