Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Arab Assistance
Just another quick compare and contrast here.

John Kerry: Kerry said he would seek a U.N. Security Council resolution to hand over nation-building duties to the United Nations under a U.N. high commissioner. Another proposed resolution would authorize a multinational force, composed greatly of U.S. troops, but also consisting of Arab soldiers to stabilize the country and train Iraqis in security measures.

Arab Leaders: Arab Nations Nix Sending Troops to Iraq. Jordan's King Abdullah II warned that neighboring nations would not be good peacekeepers for Iraq because they would be too tempted to meddle. Others in the region either ruled out the proposal — at least for now — or said questions like who would pay for and who would oversee such a force should be answered before it can be seriously considered. Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher, whose country does not border Iraq, said Egypt will not deploy its military there and hasn't "heard that any Arab country has volunteered" to do so.

Mr. Kerry, meet reality.
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