Sunday, May 16, 2004

Shirin Says Something Silly
That's Shirin Ebadi, the most recent Nobel "Peace" Prize winner. She recently spoke at the University of Maryland and she made a couple statements that I just can't take seriously.

Mental Lapse, the 1st:
"The world will achieve peace only when the enforcement of human rights becomes universal," she said. "Let us not forget we cannot make people happy by force."

So we are supposed to "enforce" human rights. But not by "force." We should use fairy dust and birthday wishes to get there, maybe? I mean, I am not remotely opposed to enforcing human rights, but her statement reveals a lack of seriousness coming from leftist anti-war types that drives me nuts.

Mental Lapse, the 2nd:
Ebadi challenged U.S. politicians and statesmen to follow the university's work for peace and let democracy take its own course in the Middle Eastern countries that are being repressed.

"Take its own course?" Again, this seems to be wishful thinking without much serious basis. What would this hands-off approach mean? If she thinks just leaving Saddam alone would have produced democratic reforms by, say, the All-Star break, she would really need to back that up. Which she can't. Or, if she means that it is OK to wait a few centuries for these dictators to reform themselves, that is a position that does not just stand on its own. She needs to back that up. If she thinks it is OK for generations of Arabs to live under dictators, and it is OK for us to have to endure their violent convulsions, she needs to provide some compelling reasons.

I'm sure she does have ideas on this, but these statements are hollow without more support.
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