Friday, May 07, 2004

What's Wrong With Allah?
I still don't have time for this, but Allah the Unemployed clearly does. He put together quite the post yesterday. However, I'm a bit confused because it sounds like he does not want to see the worldwide caliphate built on the bones of humiliated kufr. A bit out of character. Anyway, it seems that a Tom Friedman article set him off. I missed the article, but yesterday I was wondering what W. was apologizing to king Abdullah for? It is right for him to condemn the Abu Ghraib abuse, but he doesn't owe anything to Abdullah. But apparently Friedman wants him to go a lot further. He wants Bush to "eat crow" in front of the "leaders" [sic] of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Syria. How does he think this is a good idea? From Allah:

It's worth pausing to recall the words of another Jew-hating Saudi: "[W]hen people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse."
I want you to step back for a moment and imagine the president of the United States begging forgiveness from the leader of a country which picks up the check for Sunni terrorist operations all over the world.

And the key bits:
It's not Friedman's Arab toadying that's so galling, though. Anyone who's read him over the past few years has long since gotten used to that. What's galling is his suggestion that a sufficiently humiliating apology for what happened at Abu Ghraib might actually have an effect on world opinion--as though anti-Americanism were something keyed to specific events rather than to broad differences in ideology. Friedman would have us believe there are teeming multitudes out there who want to like us, are trying to like us, but just can't get a leg over because we keep doing awful things to break their hearts. Luckily, they're so open-minded and forgiving that we might be able to win them back if we put the Friedman plan into action and have Bush give Hosni Mubarak a rim job. Which, of course, is horseshit. If anti-Americanism is as rational and fact-intensive as Friedman implies, why does it seem to be flourishing in places notorious for their violent, irrational prejudices? France is Europe's most anti-American country; to hear people who live there tell it, it's also on the verge of some kind of Nazi renaissance. What would Friedman's shame orgy accomplish in the minds of people like that except maybe give Le Monde's douchebag cartoonist the chance to draw Bush weeping tears that look like little oil barrels or something?
It's the ideology, stupid, and groveling to the very same thugs our campaign in Iraq is designed to eventually eliminate isn't going to change that ideology in any way except possibly to strengthen it.

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