Saturday, June 05, 2004

Never Good News at Reuters
Oh my God! This is ridiculous. After months of non-stop carping over the (alledgedly) sad state of the economy, Reuters has flipped the switch. While the truth is, the economy has been expanding beautifully for a years now, the media denied the truth for as long as possible. Now al Reuters writes "Goldilocks Economy' Could Be Pure Fantasy."

Wall Street's Goldilocks tale might need a bit of revising soon, and maybe Britney Spears could take the starring role. Like Spears, who was asked by the Chinese government not to dress too hot on her concert tour there next year, investors may want to turn down the heat.
And the government Thursday reported a 4.6 percent rise in hourly compensation -- one of the strongest signs yet that labor costs are rising.

Rising wages! The horror, the horror...

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