Friday, August 20, 2004

The 9/11 Thing That They Had
Do you think that terrorism will be the top issue in this election? It seems that some people don't see a 9/10 world and a 9/11 world. Instead, it is sort of a continuum, with a little blip in there that we would all rather forget about. This is an exact transcript (names removed) of a recent message on my answering machine.

Hi Terry. This is M------- calling you from The---------. Back during the 9/11... thing that they had. You know, where the bombing and stuff, I mean the planes going into the Pentagon and stuff, you came in to give us a blood donation. I was calling to see if you could possibly come in again.

And there was a little more with phone numbers and whatnot. I couldn't believe she souldn't just spit it out. Did she do that to every prospective donor?

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