Friday, September 24, 2004

CBS Affiliates "Not Having Fun"
CBS affiliates across the country are hearing from angry viewers. One says "he can't recall any other issue getting such a big response from viewers." More locally, I had another exchange with the local affiliate. His response:

Dear Terry:
To say the least I am not having fun regarding this issue.
Here is where things stand right now. The CBS Network and Dan Rather have been humiliated; their credibility (their stock in trade) tarnished, perhaps, permanently. They screwed up; on Monday they admitted it; they apologized, and ordered an investigation. The results of that independent investigation assuredly will not be pleasant for the network, Rather, and those involved. Believe it or not, but news people -- that liberal media cabal -- take these issues very seriously. Someone's going to get fired -- someone important.
Just as CBS should not have rushed to judgment concerning the President's National Guard service, we will not rush to judgment as to who should be fired and humiliated further. At the appropriate time we will.
Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. If I can be of assistance to you at some point in the future please feel free to contact me.
[name removed]
Station Manager

My letter to him:
Dear Sir,
Thank you for paying attention to this issue and to your public. Since your e-mail, Dan Rather issued an apology of sorts. It is clear from reading the statement that CBS did not retract the story, but only would have "reported it differently." Additionally, Rather told the Chicago Tribune that he still believes that the documents are not forgeries and he does not regret defending the story. Even with this "apology," CBS has not not acknowledged that 1) the story was preposterous to begin with, 2) other reporters already proved the documents were fake 3) there are typographical anachronismsin the document 4) they unjustly impugned Mr. Bush 5) they responded to legitimate criticism with name calling 6) they insulted the intelligence of all of their viewers. If anything, their statement has only confirmed how little they respect their audience and I still have no faith in CBS news and no interest in CBS programming, which you have the misfortune of carrying. Heyward, Howard, Rather, and Mapes all need to be fired. Please inform CBS that they have not resolved this. Again, thank you for your consideration and I'm sorry that this has fallen into your lap.

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