Thursday, September 16, 2004

CBS Lied, Memos Died
OK, I'm not aware of any actual deaths, but the CBS implosion has turned a significant corner. I had been willing to assume that Rather et. al. where simply guilty of wishfull thinking and bad reporting of an immense degree. However, with ABC reporting that CBS had been told the documents were false and went ahead anyway, I would now characterize this as flat-out LYING. This is disgusting and both Rather and President Heyward have to go.

I am not alone. Check out these posts.
Dan Rather was complicit in defrauding the American public in an attempt to defeat a sitting President. Rather must be fired now. Congress should subpoena CBS News' lawyers and all documentation of their advice.

Dan Rather Should Be Fired

Here is what ABC had reported:
Emily Will, a veteran document examiner from North Carolina, told ABC News she saw problems right away with the one document CBS hired her to check the weekend before the broadcast.
"I found five significant differences in the questioned handwriting, and I found problems with the printing itself as to whether it could have been produced by a typewriter," she said.
Will says she sent the CBS producer an e-mail message about her concerns and strongly urged the network the night before the broadcast not to use the documents.

A second document examiner hired by CBS News, Linda James of Plano, Texas, also told ABC News she had concerns about the documents and could not authenticate them. She said she expressed her concerns to CBS before the 60 Minutes II broadcast.
"I did not authenticate anything and I don't want it to be misunderstood that I did," James said. "And that's why I have come forth to talk about it because I don't want anybody to think I did authenticate these documents."

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