Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Dan Rather Has Death Wish
How else to explain it? I missed the report, but everyone is buzzing bout this post at RatherBiased. So much so that they have crashed a few times. Dan Rather is now perpetuating internet hoaxes on his newscasts. This is just sad. It's like watching Riddick Bowe boxing in a baseball field.

The gist of the long-running internet fraud is that a trusted source [wrong!] at the DOJ [wrong!] reveals that the administration [wrong!] is trying to revive the draft [wrong!] by next June and is ramping up activity [wrong!] at the Selective Service board. See-BS never takes the position that this is true, but instead relies heavily on innuendo to imply that you should worry that Bush will bring back the draft. And of course this hit-piece makes no effort to to speak to anyone who would know anything. Why? Because they would tell See-BS that this is BS, and we wouldn't want that, now would we? On top of this, they disingenuously hide the political affiliations of their primary interviewee.

Tomorrow I will have to start another round of letter writing.

PS: Ratherbiased needs your help. I gave them some green and you should too.

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