Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dear CBS,
Here is my letter to the local CBS affiliate:

Dear WRAL General Manager,
I am concerned about the quality of news programming that WRAL is currently providing. Given the ongoing, uncorrected, and obvious faults with reporting coming from Dan Rather and 60 Minutes, it is impossible for me to consider CBS News to be a reliable source of information. The inability of 60 Minutes to recognize an amateur setof forgeries makes me doubt their competence. Their insistance in standing by the same forgeries makes me doubt their judgment. The revelation by ABC news that CBS was hiding contradictory information makes me doubt the honesty of people at 60 Minutes, with a particular emphasis on Mr. Rather. Finally, the entire episode and the evasiveness of Mr. Rather and company indicates that CBS News holds my intelligence in low regard. Therefore, I wish to inform you that I cannot consider news reports from CBS and WRAL to be worth watching until these errors are corrected. Thank you for your consideration.

Terry Notus

Update: I actually got a quick response:

Dear Terry,
First, thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding the CBS News story about President Bush's military record.
To say the least, we are very concerned about the controversy surrounding the memos used as the basis for their story. Letters and emails of concern like yours have been flooding WRAL as I am sure the rest of the affiliate stations across the country. CBS is feeling the heat. Below is the latest industry story regarding this CBS story.

[boring industry story removed]
As for WRAL-TV News, which is locally owned and operated by Capitol Broadcasting Company of Raleigh, we will continue to provide the most accurate and unbiased local news to our viewers. I hope you will not penalized us for what CBS is doing.
Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Please make sure your thoughts are heard at CBS News.
[name removed]
Station Manager

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