Monday, September 20, 2004

Geraghty Gets It, CBS Doesn't
Dan Rather has demoted the Bush memos to not certifiably authentic. Not much of a climb down. "We can't be positive they are authentic, but you never know!" This is a joke. And so far, no one has been fired.

Jim Geraghty, on the other hand, suggests an excellent starting point for See-BS. I second that motion.
An apology to the first lady, for claiming she had no evidence the documents were forged. An apology to President Bush. An apology to Killian's widow. An apology to Killian's son. An apology to the two doubtful document experts who were ignored. An apology to Marcel Matley and James Pierce, whose views were apparently misrepresented. An apology to Hughes, who was asked to verify a fake document over the phone. An apology to every skeptic, who Dan Rather initially called "partisan political operatives." An apology to every computer and typewriter expert who Dan Rather pretended didn’t exist. A separate apology for insulting the intelligence of those who use Microsoft Word, or who ever used a typewriter. An apology to CBS viewers, who apparently Rather thought he could treat like Montel Williams. An apology to Mrs. Knox, who was not interviewed before the initial story.
An apology to Retired Col. Walter Staudt, who was accused of pressuring others in the Texas Air National Guard to help George W. Bush in the memo.
And this is off the top of my head.

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