Wednesday, September 22, 2004

MORE Incompetence at See-BS
It just keeps coming. I am flabergasted that they never interviewed Staudt, or Knox, and simply dismissed Killian's wife and son. Now the pattern extends. When Burkett named George Conn as a (false) source for the memos, did See-BS interview him? Nooooooo. Of course not. Who would do something crazy like that? Now, Allah points this out: In February, Conn told the Boston Globe he had never seen incriminating Bush memos, "None. Zip. Nada." Then in early September, Burkett tells See-BS that Conn is his source. Not only do they miss the Globe story, in late September, Rather says "producers tried to get in touch with [Conn] but could not. Knowing his identity bolstered the team's confidence, just the same." So having made up name is all See-BS needs to put a story on? Unreal.

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