Friday, September 10, 2004

This is the number one story on the internet right now. It is the top story at Drudge. Currently he has 9 headlines up on this. Ace has 30 posts (long and substantive ones at that) and counting, just in the last day. Powerline, which has been a major center of this storm, has attracted 805 trackbacks and counting! The Blogfather has risen from his sickbed to link the bejesus out of this story. I really haven't seen anything quite like it. Numerous websites have just crashed due to the overload. Of course it's Christmas in Cambodia September over atRatherBiased. Can you image the orgiastic levels of shadenfraude over there? It boggles the mind. KerrySpot is another prime location for updates. Allah is demonstrating his omniscience again.

One of the more exciting aspects of the whole event, besides the ferocity, is that blogs have actually contributed real reporting and research, not just snarky comments (not that there's anything wrong with that). INDC set off a lot of this by contacting his own document expert (145+ trackbacks). His expert pointed out 1) the memo is in Times New Roman, 2) it is proportionally spaced (compare to TNR to Courier font) and 3) it includes a superscript. All of these are modern word processing features that would not have been found on a typewriter in 1973. Charles Johnson then found a simple, but ingenious test (360+ comments). He retyped the document in Word and found that all the spacing and breaks were identical. Rather than look at the physical document, One Hand Clapping analyzed the content, and found it lacking as well. And there are the observations of the soon-to-be-iconic Post 47 over at Free Republic.

The last link shows the amazing power of the internet to spread information at mind-boggling rates. I know nothing about typewriters from the mid-70's, but the internet knows. It is amazing to witness the power of the marketplace of ideas/typewriter trivia. A loose network of little folk can even bring down a media giant. Pretty cool.

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