Friday, October 01, 2004

Chattering Class Agrees With Me
I'm skimming a bit, piggybacking off Glenn, and it seems that many others saw the same things I did. From The Corner, I think this follows my comments pretty exactly:

John Kerry plus: He does not come across as arrogant and obnoxious as we believe him to be.
John Kerry minus: His positions don't hold together in any coherent way.
George W. Bush plus: He has an air of authority, experience, and purpose I don't recall from 2000.
George W. Bush minus: The President is a dismally poor public speaker.

Starting here and scrolling down, the views often echo mine, with a few that thought Bush won. Gergen calls it a draw, Iowa Markets calls it a draw, Kaus calls it a small Kerry win, Simmins says a draw, NZ Bear says a draw, Hewitt and Mrs. Reynolds call it big Bush wins. Mr. Reynolds and Sullivan say (what I think) that for people just tuning in, Kerry did reasonably well, but not super.

Ace is much more negative. He thought Bush was inarticulate and repetitive (yes), but I thought Bush also threw in some good responses. He and some other complain that Lehrer was tougher on Bush. He didn't ask Kerry about flip-flops and he didn't ask about past Senate votes or any issue but Iraq.

The ARG had some instant polls that said Kerry won by 15 and 13 points. Most importantly, Independents scored it for Kerry by 19. That's not a good number, but it is still in flux.

Allah has a massive roundup. Briefest summary of, like, 500 links : Tie. Longer summary: Kerry ekes out a win on style points, but that is not enough when you are behind.

LGF says no one won, but Kerry helped himself a little.

And finally, everyone hated the "global test" line, which I had already picked as his worst.

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