Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kos Still Wrong

I just want to add to the previous post on how wrong Kos's political philosophy is. I wrote that his "freedom" from want and a "freedom" from fear are not really freedoms at all. Well, the proper word is security. He is offering paternalistic, coddling, security, and then calling it "freedom."

Many on the left who object to government anti-terror programs like to quote Ben Franklin's "Those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither." But they forget this advice as soon as we talk about socialized medicine or the minimum wage. While we should continue to defend civil liberties, even during war, and while I don't want the government spying on me, this is one of those few cases where government action can actually promote freedom. True freedom does not require a welfare check large enough to cover monthly cable charges, but it does require that we be free from violent coercion. If the government is not justified in using its powers to defend us from a genocidal, theocratic enemy bent on our destruction, than the government has no right to exist. While an external threat does not give the government carte blanche, there is clearly a legitimate role for the government to play here, unlike in Kos's socialist examples.

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